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Actionair metal blade (UK type) 'E' + 'ES' rated Fire Dampers

CE Approved Damper Installation Methods

Damper Installation Guide

Damper Installation Drawings are available by clicking here

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EC Declaration of Performance - Smoke Shield

EC Declaration of Performance - Fire Shield

Safegard insulated blade (European type) 'EIS' rated Fire Dampers

E = Integrity

I = Insulation

S = Leakage

Damper Installation Drawings are available by clicking here


EC Declaration of Performance - CR120

EC Declaration of Performance - CR2

EC Declaration of Performance - CU-LT

EC Declaration of Performance - CU2

EC Declaration of Performance - CU2/B

Clarification of our role as smoke/fire damper suppliers:

In the absence of an Irish or a European standard dealing with installation, Safegard Systems has compiled an installation guide to deal with metal blade (UK type) and principally insulated blade (European type) dampers.

In Ireland, we are familiar with the metal blade dampers and lean on HVAC DW145 as a UK guide to good practice for the installation of fire and smoke dampers. In this guide it states that the damper should be fixed to the structure and supported independently of the connecting ductwork i.e. if the ductwork were to be removed from both sides of the damper it would continue to be an integral member of the barrier it protects.

We also lean on HVAC DW144 for UK sheet metal ductwork specifications. In this document it states that if the ductwork connection to a damper’s spigot or sleeve is either a flanged breakaway joint, secured with plastic (or similar) fixings, or a flexible joint then the connecting ductwork must be supported adjacent to this joint.

Where the actual on-site installation of a damper due to project specific restrictions or difficulties varies from the manufacturers fire tested methods, a compromise must be agreed by the design team and approval sought from the local building control authority, fire engineer or assigned certifier as per the Building Control Amendment Regulation 2014


Damper Standards Guide

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Damper Installation Guide

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