HotShield - High Operating Temperature Damper


HotShield - High Operating Temperature Damper

Key Features

  • Smoke Management & Fire Dampers operational up to 300˚C for a period of two hours

  • Thermally Insulated Electric Control Modes

  • Pneumatic option available 250˚C for one hour

  • Halogen Free Low Smoke & Fume cabling supplied as a standard feature

  • Low closed blade leakage

  • HotShield Dampers when closed have up to 4 hours fire resistance when tested to BS476 Parts 20 and 22

  • Actionpac Damper Control System compatibility

  • HotShield Vent PTC™ reverse action dampers for High Operating Temperature Smoke Control & Extract Applications

  • HotBox Thermal Enclosure - superior performance to older thermal enclosures this uses our specially developed lightweight, high performance material.

Actionair have developed the HotShield PTC™ High Temperature Smoke Management and Fire Dampers along with the HotShield Vent PTC™ Smoke Control and Extract Dampers to enable the concepts of fire engineering to be employed in ducted smoke ventilation systems.

These dampers designed, tested and approved to deliver high temperature operation at up to 300 °C for two hours, provide the designer with the capability of extracting hot smoke and combustion gases through a common smoke extraction duct linked to adjacent fire zones and floors.

As smoke can spread rapidly and efficiently through a building ductwork system, damper operation needs to be initiated by a smoke detection system, as thermal sensing can often be too late. HotShield PTC™ and HotShield Vent PTC™ dampers are designed to be interfaced with a smoke detection/fire alarm system.

Thermal Enclosure

Actionair have developed a new technically advanced thermal enclosure that actually has the ability to absorb heat energy when subjected to a high temperature environment.

The performance criteria involves continuous operation of the complete damper and actuator assembly at elevated temperatures.

This new enclosure is made from a phenolic composite resin with excellent endothermic properties. A chemical reaction occurs within the insulating material when it is heated. This reaction has the effect of lowering the temperature inside the enclosure, thus prolonging the duration of the actuator’s operation at elevated temperatures.

Smoke and other products of combustion kill at least 80% of recorded ‘fire victims’, smoke is debilitating and can render people unconscious minimising their chances of survival. Many more die weeks or months later from the lingering effects and toxic effects of smoke inhalation.

Smoke and toxic gases – the Silent Killers – have to be managed and controlled quickly and effectively to avoid confusion and panic from the threat posed to life safety and the extraction and control of these deadly gases is of paramount importance for the safe evacuation of the buildings occupants. 

The importance of the subsequent smoke damage that can occur to adjacent property and fittings is also recognised, as this can have disastrous effects on homes and businesses as recognised in the Loss Prevention Council Design Guide for Fire Protection in Buildings.

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