SmokeShield PTC


SmokeShield PTC

Key Features

'ES' Rated Automatic Fire Damper

CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650
• Approved by LPCB and conforms to LPS1162 issue 4
• Fire tested to EN 1366-2
• Classified to EN 13501-3
• Proportional Torque Control (PTC) for optimised torque performance
• Unique snaplock™ drive interface ensures user friendly connection of Control Mode
• Easy connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork
• Choice of tested installation methods to suit Concrete/Masonry Floors/Walls and Dry Walls
• Choice of electrical control modes
• Unique and patented Electrical Thermal Release (ETR) for ultimate safety
• ASFP Grey Book listed
• Red Book Live Listed
• Halogen-free low smoke and fume cabling supplied as standard
• Fully compatible with the Safegard V5 damper control system

SmokeShield Product Specification

SmokeShield PTC™ Proportional Torque Control, CE Marked ’ES’ Rated Fire/Smoke Dampers. Opposed bladed with 75mm x 0.5mm thick stainless steel aerodynamic interlocking blades incorporating synthetic seal, with steel blade end bearings and peripheral gasketting. Housed in a galvanised steel fully welded 1.2mm spigotted casing suitable for square, rectangular, circular or flat oval connections. 

The totally enclosed precise movement opposed blade drive shall be positioned out of airstream for protection against damage, be hard wearing and free running. 

The Control Mode/Damper connection shall be by means of the snaplock™ drive interface mechanism, which is totally independent of the ductwork 

SmokeShield PTC™ ’ES’ Rated Fire Dampers with their appropriate control modes shall have spring Fail-Safe Closed operation only, with selected Control Mode (M5 24V, M6 230V, M5 - 3P 24V) as supplied by Actionair. 

Also available with Schischek ATEX rated actuators.

Spigot Connections/Casing

Casing Features

With double skin spigotted galvanised steel (to BS EN 10346:2009) 1.2mm thick casing the SmokeShield PTC™ ‘ES’ classified Fire/Smoke Dampers comply to Class A and B of Eurovent Document 2/2 and Test Procedures for Classes A, B and C of HVCA Ductwork Specification DW144.

Spigot Connections

Damper casings are manufactured with welded spigotted connections suitable for Square / Rectangular SS501, Circular SS601 and Flat Oval SS701 duct connections.

Blade Features

SmokeShield PTC™damper blades are aerodynamic double skin, Type 1.4016 (430) Ferritic stainless steel, which are 75mm x 0.5mm thick and interlock to form a positive smoke and fire resisting shield. 

Incorporated within the blade profile is a synthetic seal to ensure low closed blade smoke leakage.  

Stainless steel blade end bearing and peripheral gasketting maintain the low closed blade smoke leakage whilst allowing for expansion under full fire conditions. 

Control Modes

Control Mode Options

A choice of three Motorised Control Modes are available:

Control Mode 5 (M5 PTC) 24V (Open / Fail-Safe Close) Control Mode 6 (M6 PTC) 230V (Open / Fail-Safe Close) Control Mode 5-3P (M5-3P PTC) 24V (Open / Control / Fail-Safe Close) The Control Modes are located outside of the ductwork for easy installation and access.

Control Modes 5, 6 and 5-3P Electrical Optimised motor/spring return control modes with remote reset-release facilities, and with volt free contacts for provision of external indication, monitoring and control by means of an Actionpac damper control system, or by a suitable alternative proprietary control format.

Further information on each control mode is available in the catalogues and datasheets at the bottom of this page. Please contact the sales office to find out more about controls options.

Three Position Configuration

All of our Control Modes (5, 6 and 5 - 3P) can be fitted in 3 positions through 180° allowing maximum on-site installation flexibility.

Vertically down Horizontally Vertically up This can be simply and easily carried out on site,by repositioning the Location Plate and Control Mode on to the snaplock™ Drive Interface. This flexibility ensures that the damper and control mode require the minimal amount of room

Note: All SmokeShield Control Modes must be in the released position prior to connection.

snaplock™ Damper/ Control Mode Interface

The Control Mode operates the SmokeShield through a unique drive system. The snaplock™ Damper/ Control Mode Interface.

The drive interface which is totally independent of the ductwork, eliminates the need for costly dedicated duct sections, and provides ease of connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork.

This drive interface guarantees that only the correct and certified Actionair products can be used.

Electrical Thermal Release (ETR)

Dampers are fail-safe by means of a unique and patented electrical thermal release which operates at approx 72 °C or if power supply is interrupted, tested to ISO10294-4 and complying with BS 9999 : 2008 (Ref

The ETR incorporates triple safety features, including an ingenious device that ensures the fail-safe status of the damper if the ETR is not fitted on to the ductwork.

A manual test switch allows periodic operation of the damper for testing purposes simulating actual fail-safe release under smoke/fire conditions.

For safety reasons the ETR is designed to operate once only when the activation temperature is reached.

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