BIM Models

Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short, is changing the way project teams work with information about buildings, for better planning, design, construction and operations.

Instead of producing 2D documentation to build a building, a virtual 3D building is built in software, where the design can be reviewed to ensure everything works correctly together, and from which engineers and consultants can automatically generate the documentation required from the building model.

The virtual 3D model, or BIM, is assembled from intelligent objects that represent their real life counterparts. Each object acts as the primary placeholder for vital digital information about that component which can be shared and accessed by others.  In this virtual building, people can navigate, explore, analyse and query information, to make sure they understand the design, see that everything works and fits together, to resolve issues, before they build it physically on site. 


Safegard Damper Control Panel BIM Families can be downloaded via the following links:

Electro Mechanical Standard - EMS

Electro Magnetic Bespoke - EMB

Safegard Lite - including SFDI-FT

Safegard V4 - including SFD-FT, 3PSFD-FT, NE-FT, NDI404-FT

Safegard EIS Fire Damper

For Revit Familes please click here


Actionair are ready for Building Information Modelling (BIM). Offering a wide selection of BIM objects that are free to download and use from our websites.

As UK market leaders in Air Distribution, Fire and Smoke Control and Natural Ventilation we understand the importance of keeping up with advancements in the industry, particularly where collaboration and partnership are concerned

Actionair BIM Models