Life Safety System in Listed Building

A spectacular and unique grade II listed building in the City of London has recently been refurbished into a beautifully designed hotel for an international luxury hospitality company. The building features a stunning colonnaded facade behind the hotel and residences, neighbouring a major World Heritage Site, other notable landmarks, business hubs and cultural destinations.

Actionair – market leading manufacturer of fire dampers and controls in the UK – worked with project consultants to produce the redevelopment’s designs, of which SmokeShield and HotShield dampers, controlled by our Damper Control Panel were selected to form part of the building’s fire protection system. It was during these discussions that Actionair developed an outline design for the damper control system which incorporated the main addressable panel to be linked to a specially designed fireman’s override panel – a bespoke design developed to meet the specific requirements of the project.

In a fire emergency, it is vital that automatic smoke and fire dampers installed in a building respond immediately to either contain smoke and fire, preventing the spread across the building, or open to allow smoke extraction to take place.

The design was further developed when we were awarded the contract for the supply of dampers and damper controls. At this stage, the final cause and effect requirements for the building and control system was passed to consultants for the final designs to be completed.

The final system design incorporated the main panel, the fireman’s override panel and links used to control the fans which instigate smoke clearance, along with Actionair’s SmokeShield and HotShield dampers – thus providing a complete smoke control package for the end user.

Our involvement in this prestigious project illustrates the reliable, trustworthy and, ultimately, lifesaving services and products provided to buildings and its occupants.