Trinity Business School

An €80 million building at Trinity College Dublin was opened in May 2019. The flagship development will house the scaled up Trinity Business School, a global leader in innovative business education programmes. The six-storey building located on the city-centre campus will include an Innovation and Entrepreneurial hub, a 600 seat auditorium, smart classrooms with the latest digital technology and an executive education centre. Fronting onto Pearse Street and the University campus, the near zero energy building also provides another link between the city and the University. 

Safegard Systems where engaged to design, supply and commission critical fire and smoke safety systems.

Safegard EMB Smoke Control & Smoke Evacuation System:

A purpose built Electro-mechanical (EMB) control panel was supplied to control and monitor HotShield and SmokeShield dampers in addition to the high temperature smoke clearance fans. The system monitors and commands particular dampers to open or close in affected zones during a fire.   The control system quickly and effectively interfaces directly with the building's fire alarm systems and Building Management system. It also means that all of the dampers can be tested remotely on a regular basis, adhering to current building regulations and best practice and significantly reduces maintenance time and cost.

Safegard Systems design and supply systems to protect buildings and the occupants in the event of fire. Solutions are designed and supplied with the user in mind, providing innovative approaches that offer simple means of installation, operation and maintenance.