Curragh Racecourse

Steeped in history and tradition the Curragh Racecourse is one of Ireland’s premier flat racing venues and is considered to be one of the finest tracks in the world. The new Curragh redevelopment sees the creation of a top class facility on a par with the best anywhere in the world. The centrepiece of the redevelopment is  a major new grandstand which includes corporate suites, restaurants, bars and superb viewing facilities. A new reception area incorporates a museum to celebrate the history and contribution of Irish racing. 

Safegard Systems where engaged to design, supply and commission two of the critical fire and smoke safety systems.

Safegard V4 Control System and SmokeShield Dampers:

The V4 panel is an intelligent control and monitoring system for the SmokeShield dampers fitted throughout the grandstand.  The system monitors and commands particular dampers to open or close in affected zones during a fire.   The control system quickly and effectively interfaces directly with the building's fire alarm systems and Building Management system. It also means that all of the dampers can be tested remotely on a regular basis, adhering to current building regulations and best practice and significantly reduces maintenance time and cost. The CE marked and ‘ES’ rated SmokeShield automatic fire/smoke dampers throughout the development have been engineered to inhibit the spread of smoke and fire. 

Safegard Smoke Evacuation control System & Dampers:

 The building is also provided with a mechanical smoke extract ventilation shaft system for the firefighting lobbies adjacent to Staircases 2  & 3. The design of the shaft smoke ventilation system was carried out using BS EN 12101-6:2005 and the system performances were assessed through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling.  The extraction system was sized to maintain a differential pressure of approximately  -50Pa within the lobby area when all doors into the lobby are closed, thus to avoid smoke leakage into the staircase area, while permitting the opening of the doors.  Safegard Systems designed, manufactured and commissioned the full control system for the dampers and smoke fans including  the critical components such as pressure relief and make up air dampers.

 The CFD model was adopted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed smoke ventilation system under the following parameters during a fire:

 • Visibility and toxicity through smoke.

• Temperature of air and surfaces.

• Velocity of air.

• Pressure.

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Safegard Systems design and supply systems to protect buildings and the occupants in the event of fire. Solutions are designed and supplied with the user in mind, providing innovative approaches that offer simple means of installation, operation and maintenance.